Double sided handlesets, also known as grip by grip, have a full length trim on both the interior and exterior sides of the door. They are available in
three functions: single cylinder, double cylinder, and dummy. The single cylinder configuration has a thumbturn which unlocks the door from the
inside; while the double cylinder has keyed cylinders on both sides of the door. The dummy does not include a thumbturn, instead it only features
matching trim on either side of the door with no locking functionality.

Emtek Grip by Grip Diagram
Single CylinderSingle Cylinder - The most popular configuration for
deadbolt locks, a keyed cylinder is provided for the
outside and aturn-piece is located on the inside. The
lock may be locked or unlocked with a key from the
outside. The turn-piece allows locking or unlocking
without a key from the inside.

Double Cylinder

Double Cylinder - Used in situations where
free egress from the inside is not needed or
desired. Keyed cylinders are provided for both
outside and inside. Locking and unlocking can
be accomplished only with a key.

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