Emtek door hardware is available in functions including passage, privacy, dummy, patio, single cylinder, single sided and double cylinder. 

Passage - This function is used for doors where no privacy is required. The knobs or levers freely operate the latch. Passage sets are commonly used on closet doors, and sometimes on an exterior door in conjunction with a separate deadbolt.

Privacy - Usually used on bathroom and bedroom doors and any other door that needs privacy from the inside. A push button is provided on the inside rosette, pushing the button fixes the outside handle, turning the inside handle releases the lock. A clearance hole is provided in the outside rosette to permit the lock to be released, if needed. 

Patio - This functions the same as the Privacy function above, but without the clearance hole on the outside for emergency entrance. Usually used on balconies or patios where key entry is not required.

Dummy - Used on fixed (non-operating) doors and sometimes on closet doors. Sold as a pair, these handles do not operate, they stay in a fixed position, no latch is provided or normally needed. Dummy handles provide a firm grip where desired, and are used on the non-locking side of French doors to give balanced, matching appearance. All dummy knobs and levers(1 left handed and 1 right handed) are supplied in pairs.

Single Cylinder - The most popular configuration for deadbolt locks, a keyed cylinder is provided for the outside and a turn-piece is located on the inside. The lock may be locked or unlocked with a key from the outside. The turn-piece allows locking or unlocking without a key from the inside. 
Single Cylinder Illustration

Single-Sided - provided with a turn-piece for the inside and deadbolt latch. No exterior keyed cylinder is provided with a single sided deadbolt. 

Double Cylinder - Used in situations where free egress from the inside is not needed or desired. Keyed cylinders are provided for both outside and inside. Locking and unlocking can be accomplished only with a key.
Emtek Double Cylinder Illustration
Keyed Alike - To have all locks on an order keyed the same, select "Yes" on the Keyed Alike option on each keyed lock ordered.  If answered, No, to the Keyed Alike option, all locks will be keyed different. 
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